Lily Mats

Deepwater Horizon: spinning a disaster into an action flick

Like many other films that are based on real events, Deepwater Horizon, is a trade-off between accuracy and drama. Hollywood is not renowned for its committed adherence to facts.

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Met Culture

Ashley Chadwick

Draghi and What He Did Not Discuss

The European Central Bank decided to stand pat today on all key rates and their bond buying. The refinancing rate and deposit rate remain at 0% and -0.4% respectively and bond buying remained at 80 billion a month until March.

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Market Insight

Ashley Chadwick

UK Inflation starts to pick up

This morning UK CPI came in at 1% Year on year, the highest level since October 2014. It also marks a return to the target range of 2% +/- 1% set by the Bank of England.

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Amanjai Sharma

US elections, Oil and Stocks

The uncertainty over the US presidential election, stronger dollar and fall in the price of oil on Tuesday led to a sub-standard start to earnings season as all three major US indices suffered a greater than 1% drop, with the Nasdaq plunging the most at 1.54%.

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Hyun soo Hwang

Oil Reaches 2016 Highs

The price of Oil jumped to a year high on Monday after Saudi Arabia expressed optimism that OPEC will work out a global production deal with other producers by November and Russia added to the market’s strength after commenting that it was ready to join the deal to cut crude output with either a freeze or a cut.

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Meet a trader

Hear a personal take on Met Traders from the inside. What’s great, what’s tough and what it’s really like to work here.

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