One Day Trading Workshop

Met Traders were excited to welcome a number of students from UCL for the second, one day trading workshop.

Met had taken part in a panel discussion at UCL earlier on in the year and there was a lot of interest then from people wanting to find out more about trading. So it was great to finally have the time to show some students what a day in the life of a trader is like. Upon arriving they were thrown straight into the action on our trading simulators. They initially struggled, with many of them breaking their limit and losing money. After a brief lecture on the importance of risk management and the concept of averaging they got back to trading with a noticeable improvement. Probably down to beginner’s luck rather but perhaps also skilled guidance from our experts here, in the two hours of trading everyone was in profit.

Then we moved on to the current global situation. With focus being given to the problems in Europe and the action that the European Central Bank had taken the day before. This served to highlight that sometimes the market can interpret news in a not obvious way and it can change on a single statement by a central banker. The ECB announced a cut in all three rates they utilise as well as a €20 billion a month increase in their asset purchases. This caused an expected spike in the price of the Bund and other bonds. However, announcements that the ECB would also be targeting corporate bonds and indications that rates would not go any lower, sent the Bund back in the opposite direction.

As always, we finished our day with a trading game, where all the visitors are pitted against each other in a market of their own making. This game requires fast thinking, quick reactions, innate trading ability and perhaps some psychology. It was slow going at first but once the pace picked up and people figured out how to win there was a lot of excitement in the room.

Once again, everyone seemed to have a great time and as one of the visitors put it, ‘I thought it was well structured and varied in terms of theory and practice. I was surprised about how much we actually got involved with the trading software- it was very hands on, which I liked.’


If you are at University and would like to attend a one day trading workshop here at Met, please contact us for more information.

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